AustMS general meetings

The Australian Mathematical Society Incorporated

Special General Meeting

On Thursday 11 December, in the J.H. Michell Lecture, commencing at 4pm there will be a Special General Meeting of the Society to consider a special resolution to change the Society’s constitution.

The list of proposed changes is given in the agenda for the meeting.

Most of the changes have already been approved by members in a postal ballot in 2013; at that stage members were provided with comments on the 2013 constitutional change proposal.

The Society’s constitution permits proxy votes on changes to the constitution. Any member not able to attend the meeting may submit the proxy voting form by email to the secretary by Friday 5 December.

The proposed changes are incorporated in the proposed new constitution.

Annual General Meeting

The Society’s Annual General Meeting will immediately follow the Special General Meeting in the same venue.

The business is described in the agenda for the meeting and includes the consideration of reports.