Public lectures

Prof. Hyam Rubinstein: Discrete versus Continuous

When: Tuesday, 9 December, 6:00pm
Where: University of Melbourne, JH Michell theatre, Richard Berry building

rubin Prof. Hyam Rubinstein
The University of Melbourne
Discrete versus Continuous
Many questions in geometry, topology, optimisation and other areas of mathematics can be studied using discrete or continuous techniques. Discrete methods can be easier to convert into algorithms, whereas continuous models arise naturally in physical problems. Specific illustrations contrasting the two approaches will be given in low dimensional topology, differential geometry and minimal surfaces.


Dr. Thomas Barlow: Mathematics in Australia – the political & cultural environment

When: Wednesday, 10 December, 6:00pm
Where: University of Melbourne, Old Geology Theatre 2

8637575 Dr. Thomas Barlow
Barlow Advisory
Mathematics in Australia – the political & cultural environment
Drawing upon more than a decade spent analysing research and development trends in Australia, Thomas Barlow will share his personal observations about the importance of mathematics in all modern economies, Australia’s competitive standing in the field, and the nature of politics and policy development for the mathematical sciences.